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Furnace maintenance
Your heater routinely discontinues operating when the timing is the worst. Such as the middle of the most frozen night of the year. Or when there’s bad weather. Then you’re up a creek with bills for heater fixes that you likely weren’t ready for.

Much like going to the mechanic or seeing the dentist, heating systems require yearly maintenance. That’s why we recommend furnace maintenance in Marshfield, Wisconsin. It could help you get around sudden bills and keep your system working smoothly through the heating season.

That’s since our heating and cooling pros will closely examine your system at the time that they do annual maintenance, potentially discovering issues before they start. Professional service can also make your heating work with improved efficiency, helping you with additional savings on utility costs.

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3 Advantages of Regular Furnace Service

Heating service can offer a variety of advantages for your equipment and home. Here are three of the most meaningful points.

1. Keeps Your Family Safe

Most heating systems utilize natural gas to generate warmth, and the heat exchanger plays an important part in the process. If that piece is broken, carbon monoxide could build up in your residence. Also, it can be fatal in large concentrations.

We’ll take a close look at the heat exchanger, as well as burners and valves to make certain your household is safe.

2. Reduces the Likelihood for Malfunctions

It’s hard to find a worse time for your furnace to go out than the middle of winter. Especially when you realize you had the chance to prevent it.

Staying on top of heating maintenance means our professionals can take a look at your heater and make sure everything’s running like it should. That way, you might be able to avoid costly service down the road. Since we’re already looking at your unit, our team can also help you decide when you need to consider new furnace installation.

3. Protects HVAC Effectiveness

Routine care not only keeps buildup off your system, it plays a critical job in keeping your unit running at its best performance during the coldest parts of the season.

What Does Furnace Upkeep Involve?

Furnace reader
Keeping gas heaters in good working order might feel difficult, but we make it easy with our routine service for heating systems.

Our technicians’ work includes the following:

Checking Internal Parts

We’ll examine crucial pieces, like the blower motor, heat exchanger and burners, to make sure they’re clean and working correctly.

Inspecting Electrical Components

We’ll make certain your heating system’s electrical parts are operating as they should and that there are zero unsecured connections.

Confirming Airflow

We’ll make certain there aren’t any problems that could affect your heating system’s operation or diminish your comfort.

Reviewing Full Furnace Activity

We’ll inspect controls and safety tools to make certain that your furnace is operating safely and efficiently.


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At House of Heating Incorporated, we want to surpass merely fixing your HVAC issues. Our objective is to keep your HVAC system working during the coldest winter day. And make sure your house is a comfortable, relaxing space.

When it comes to increasing comfort, efficiency and reliability, a heating checkup is one of the most critical things you can complete for your unit. Our heating and cooling service experts understand how critical it is to keep your heating and air conditioning units running all year long.

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